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Ways to cure that festive hangover!

Whether it’s a company Christmas party or just a weekend soiree, here’s how to take part in the festivities without suffering with that painful post-drinking aftermath. It's the food we eat after drinking that gets you into trouble, also consume wisely and prevent a hangover.

1) Limit yourself to two drinks. Anymore, and there's a good chance you'll begin eating badly. 

2) Sip, don't swing.

3) Never drink on an empty stomach.

4) Alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water or Diet Coke.

5) Avoid sugary cocktails; they're desserts disguised in a glass.

6) Choose red wine over white, you won't drink it as fast.

7) Combat an increased appetite the morning after (alcohol causes unstable blood sugar the next day) with protein-rich and low-carb foods.

Julia Knightley’s Top Tip: First of all drink responsibly, second take 2 Forever Lean capsules and 60ml Forever of Aloe Vera Gel before you go out and when you get home = NO HANGOVER! For more information just visit

Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe Vera Gel helps with weight loss by increasing metabolic rate to burn more calories. It regulates blood pressure, strengthens your immune system and detoxifies your colon which aids to your body of toxins.

So why should we take Aloe Vera juice? With its health benefits and with celebrity fans like Victoria Beckham reported to being using it, why shouldn't we?

I have personally been taking Forever Aloe Vera Gel and have experienced some fantastic results; I would highly recommend introducing this to your diet for a healthier lifestyle!         

Posted on April 16, 2014 and filed under Skin Rejuvenation.