Ways to cure that festive hangover!

Whether it’s a company Christmas party or just a weekend soiree, here’s how to take part in the festivities without suffering with that painful post-drinking aftermath. It's the food we eat after drinking that gets you into trouble, also consume wisely and prevent a hangover.

1) Limit yourself to two drinks. Anymore, and there's a good chance you'll begin eating badly. 

2) Sip, don't swing.

3) Never drink on an empty stomach.

4) Alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water or Diet Coke.

5) Avoid sugary cocktails; they're desserts disguised in a glass.

6) Choose red wine over white, you won't drink it as fast.

7) Combat an increased appetite the morning after (alcohol causes unstable blood sugar the next day) with protein-rich and low-carb foods.

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