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‘Eartox’ – Would you have dermal fillers to anti-age your ear?


It may sound like the daftest cosmetic procedure yet. But more and more women are having fillers to perk up lobes left sagging by heavy earrings.

New procedure known as ear rejuvenation involves injecting dermal filler into the earlobe to plump it back up, dubbed as 'Eartox', it is gaining popularity with 40 plus women.

Injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the deflated lobe and surrounding wrinkles, however, can both plump them up and iron them out.

The lobe is injected with filler in several areas and inflates, looking ten times better immediately. The hydrophilic filler draws fluid into it, which causes further inflation, and makes the tissue appear softer and more hydrated.

Indeed, forget erasing crow’s feet or ironing out frown lines; wrinkle free earlobes now seem to be topping many women’s anti ageing wish lists.

Though our ears rarely receive much attention, just like any other part of the body, lobes can become elongated, saggy and thin as collagen and natural elasticity decreases, causing visible wrinkling on the surface.

Many women have their hair cut shorter as they get older, and they can be aghast to discover that sagging lobes are a tell-tale sign of their true age, which cannot be disguised by the usual arsenal of moisturiser and make-up, especially if years spent wearing heavy earrings have pulled them downwards.

So the question is, would you have dermal fillers to anti-age your ear???