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Glamorous Grammy's 2015

Leave it to Queen B to kill it on the red carpet. This black gown is classy, glamorous, and sexy… everything we love!

The Grammy awards, a.k.a. the biggest night in music, brings out the industry's hottest stars.And with Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Madonna attending the 2015 Grammy red carpet, we were treated to a variety of fabulous, unique, and not-so-great ensembles.

So who dominated the red carpet, and who failed to impress?

Biggest trout pout in Britain?

She claims to have Britain’s best lips, although many may disagree. Office worker Hannah Page has spent £8,000 on what has been called the nations biggest trout pout! 

Miss Page had the equivalent of 3.5 tablespoons of dermal filler injected into her lips in 16 procedures which she admits were extremely painful.

Despite having the cruel jibes ‘trout pout’ and ‘Barbie’ yelled at her, the 22 year old insists she loves her lips, and it is not only her lips that she has invested in. Miss Page has spent £31,000 on cosmetic surgery since having a nose job at 17. She has had 87 procedures, including four more nose jobs, Botox, liposuction and a boob job.

Many other stars have since had similar surgery. Last month, TV presenter Tulisa showed off her own trout pout after having fillers injected into her lips.

Miss Page, from Taunton, Somerset, hopes her look will land her a role in a reality TV show such as The Only Way Is Essex, Made In Chelsea or The Real Housewives Of London.

She had her first three injections when she was 18 because she thought her lips were too thin. It quickly became an obsession that left her in debt. She has taken out loans, spent all her savings and borrowed from friends and family, and even admits that boyfriends have complained her lips are hard and lumpy but insists as long as they look good she doesn’t care.

Here at Julia Knightley we believe that less is sometimes more! Subtlety is the key, you may have treatment but no-one will know (unless you tell!) Our secret is your secret! 

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‘Eartox’ – Would you have dermal fillers to anti-age your ear?


It may sound like the daftest cosmetic procedure yet. But more and more women are having fillers to perk up lobes left sagging by heavy earrings.

New procedure known as ear rejuvenation involves injecting dermal filler into the earlobe to plump it back up, dubbed as 'Eartox', it is gaining popularity with 40 plus women.

Injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the deflated lobe and surrounding wrinkles, however, can both plump them up and iron them out.

The lobe is injected with filler in several areas and inflates, looking ten times better immediately. The hydrophilic filler draws fluid into it, which causes further inflation, and makes the tissue appear softer and more hydrated.

Indeed, forget erasing crow’s feet or ironing out frown lines; wrinkle free earlobes now seem to be topping many women’s anti ageing wish lists.

Though our ears rarely receive much attention, just like any other part of the body, lobes can become elongated, saggy and thin as collagen and natural elasticity decreases, causing visible wrinkling on the surface.

Many women have their hair cut shorter as they get older, and they can be aghast to discover that sagging lobes are a tell-tale sign of their true age, which cannot be disguised by the usual arsenal of moisturiser and make-up, especially if years spent wearing heavy earrings have pulled them downwards.

So the question is, would you have dermal fillers to anti-age your ear???