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How your diet shows up in your skin

Can your face reveal what's going on in your digestive system?

Yes, according to practitioners of naturopathic medicine, who performed face readings at a recent launch event. Studies show the skin to determine underlying health issues and you see a lot of dairy face, wine face and gluten face or hormonal imbalances in the gut which show up in  of bloating and dark circles (dairy), dehydration, pronounced lines and redness (wine) and all over puffiness (gluten). Dermatologist, see all of these in their practices, in addition to salt sensitivity. Some individuals are more sensitive to foods/ingredients than others and it can manifest as dryness, lines, shallowness and dullness. Redness is common among those sensitive to foods high in histamines, and more commonly, swelling. We remind my patients not to ingest salty foods at least 24 hours prior to fillers, and while we've all woken up with dark circles after a late night drinking wine and probably didn't look so hot the day after that Christmas Party, either it's when these symptoms become chronic that you want to consider seeing a nutritionist for blood work and food intolerance tests.

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