3/4 of women would AVOID lip fillers for fear of ending up with the fish-look!

A survey of 1,000 women found 63% would like fuller lips, despite that 78% avoid getting injectable lip fillers due to the fear of trout pout.

There's nothing more seductive than a juicy pair of pouting lips, so it's no wonder a survey found that 63 per cent of women would like to plump up their own pair.

But despite our lust for luscious lips only 7 per cent of women said they had no qualms with lip fillers, 15 per cent were on the fence and 78 per cent of us gave it a big thumbs down due to potential trout pout, health risks and cost.

Despite lip injectables being popular among celebrities including Amy Childs and Katie Price, women are reticent to follow their lead.

Well over half of women said their main reason for steering clear of the cosmetic treatment was fear of trout pout, the wonky disproportionate mouth that can sometimes result from the treatment.

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Posted on September 5, 2014 and filed under Dermal Filler.