Laughter Lines - Not So Funny Afterwards

Sometimes jokes are just really funny. And we can’t stop ourselves. Sometimes that YouTube video just has us doubled over in stitches it’s that hilarious. But what if you’re laughing so hard at something, and then you see yourself in the mirror? 

That stops some of us dead in our tracks. That laughing shows something on our face we really don’t want to see. Laughter Lines. 

Everyone gets them, from your average Joe walking down the street in Manchester, to your Footballers Wives in Alderley Edge. For most people, they are tiny, thin and undefined, and they’re not a problem. But for a few of us, laughter lines can be really pronounced, and they can really affect our self confidence. 

So much so, that for some people, they’re afraid to smile because they don’t like how their face looks. 

That’s no way to go through life, and fortunately, Julia Knightley can help. Get in touch with us if you live in the Cheshire or Manchester areas, and find out how we can help reduce your laughter lines and improve your self esteem. 

Posted on October 3, 2013 .