Sometimes, some things are better left unspoken. A sultry glance here or there. A twinkle of passion in the eye. A hint of a spicy secret that’s dying to be told. 

That secret is Julia Knightley. We don’t shout about what we do. We don’t encourage people to flock to our treatments. Instead, we let the work we do speak for itself. If you’ve heard about our exclusivity, and been privy to information about us, then you are in the right place. 

Welcome to the pleasure of pure indulgence.


Julia Knightley


Serving the vibrant Manchester community along with the leafy and luscious Cheshire suburbs, Julia Knightley was born out of a desire to bring an extravagant and opulent lifestyle to anyone who wanted it. Anyone who wanted to look and feel both sensational and exquisite, the perfect appearance for any occasion. But it had to be done to a new standard in anti wrinkle treatments.



Our Exclusivity


At Julia Knightley, you will only every get the very best treatments possible. It’s what we pride ourselves on, and why we try and keep ourselves a secret. Our opulent services will provide you with just the image you are looking for, and no-one needs to know a thing about it. All our staff are extremely dedicated with the utmost respect for confidentiality, and will ensure you experience an exclusive treatment, bespoke to your specific requirements.



Our Speciality


Our delicate and intimate treatments are designed to be as comfortable and as un-invasive as possible, offering you a solution to your skin concerns, wrinkles and aging problems in as natural a way as possible. We’re all about the fashionistas, the iconic stars, and the high profile players, with our unique subtleties of indulgent grandeur, to entice you in, and allude to all the possibilities before you, all without you ever having to step foot in an intimidating clinic.


Our Promise

For our clients all across Manchester, Cheshire, Surrey and Central London, we promise just one thing; to help them enter the life of Julia Knightley. Our exclusivity and our discreet nature, along with our attention to detail and expertise, ensure that once you know the secret, we can help transform your confidence.